Bivouac instead of a good hotel?

Why not?  

If you choose Glendoria Camp you will enjoy all the conveniences typical for a hotel but you will additionally get exceptional freedom which results from unimpeded contact with nature.

Glamping was created for those who cannot imagine holidays without luxury but they are fed up with giant hotels that always look the same way. This kind of holidays originates from the beginning of the 20th century when African safari was popular. It was supposed to satisfy the needs of wealthy travellers. They had their own cooks, porters and guides in the camps. The tents were equipped with beds, Persian rugs and antiques. Glendoria Camp originates from these traditions.

Glendoria Camp – bivouac with every amenity.

The Tented Rooms were specifically designed in a way that allows our Guests to stay as close to the nature as possible, enjoying the standard guaranteed by a good hotel or a luxurious boarding house, at the same time.

Creating Glendoria Camp, we have used large tents of African safari style. Each of them includes: living room of 30 square metres with a bedroom, a comfortable bathroom with hot running water, a shower and a toilet. The equipment includes Colonial or hand-made furniture, colourful canvas and natural decorations.

Holidays full of adventures!

Glamping is a perfect choice for those who are fed up with luxurious hotels and are looking for unique places with inimitable atmosphere but, at the same time, they do not want to resign from high standard resting.


All Tented Rooms have a wood-burning stove which ensures pleasant warmth in cold evenings. The flames play with the light in the tent creating fantastic dazzling light effects.

Nature at your fingertips.

Wind in your hair, unlimited space, astonishing views, wild animal noises, crackling bonfire, meadows with fragrant wild herbs and so many birds that it is impossible to count them. All these things are at your fingertips at Glendoria Camp any moment you want to.

The tented rooms fully protect against water. They are built on a wooden floor which is over a metre above the ground. The double roof is completely watertight and it prevents the tent interior from overheating on hot days. 

The tents have standard electrical installation. They are equipped with a fridge, a wood-burning stove and a place where you can make tea or coffee. Electrical protection against insects keeps mosquitoes and other insects at bay. The proper distance between the tents makes our Guests feel peaceful and it enhances privacy.

Camp Spa, wellness in the bounty of nature.

Our “camp” hotels are not limited only to unique accommodations. The wellness area at Glendoria, which is called Camp Spa here, derives directly from the surrounding nature and is closely related to it. We have tried to achieve the perfect harmony between the human world and the Masurian nature around us.

All the spa treatments, cosmetic rituals and massages are based exclusively on natural substances and cosmetics which were specially designed to restore an internal sense of balance and cheerfulness.

SPA in the middle of the forest.

A sauna, a hot jacuzzi tub, places perfect for contemplation and meditation, massage pavilion, hammocks among pine trees and a tub in the raspberry bushes, perfect for those who are in love – and all these things are located on a hill, in a real forest, perfectly integrated with Masurian nature.

“You can safely recommend this place for perfect rest with your friends. The sauna and the hot tub in the middle of the forest make you feel amazing after dark. Luxury and nature – it is not easy to combine these two things but the owners know how to do it.”

Tripadvisor - independent opinion of our Guest.

Amazing Masuria region, delighted Media…

Warmia and Masuria, often considered to be the most beautiful places in Poland according to different ratings, stand out among others because of their exceptional landscapes – exquisite lakes and vast and clean forests, first of all. Besides, they impress with their traditional Prussian buildings in small villages and towns. This is the region where Camp Glendoria was created.

“A sunny morning. I go out of the tent. In my pyjamas, although it's not even necessary here. There are no people around us, no houses – only great space and nature. I feel like I were in Africa but instead of savannah there are vast meadows, and instead of lion roaring I can hear horses neighing in the distance. There is a lake behind.”

National Geographic Travler - August 2013.

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