We have prepered five rooms for our Guest. They all    are located in an original building dated 1924, made of wood and bricks. All Glendoria buildings have characteristic features of architecture of the Masurian Lake District from the early 20th century. They are picturesque, very climatic and overgrown with lush plants.

A former farm building - a part of pre-war property - has been adapted into an unforgettable space full of secrets and surprises, focusing on pleasant stay of our guests ensuring comfort and privacy.  
In the past, a timber yard and a granary was here; today, there are spacious and luxurious apartments.
Every apartment is equipped with a bathroom, a coffee bar with a fridge, a fireplace  or with a stove. The apartments are have been decorated carefully. Their equipment consists of unique furniture and many additional accessories making every room unique. This all is completed with a big terrace and fantastic view of the neighbourhood.