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Simple things taste best!

We do take care of delicious food - it's one of assets of Glendoria. Our menu is varied; our dishes have unique taste, aroma and look. 

Every day you can taste delicious cured meat prepared according to traditional recipes, fresh fish just from lakes of the region, and tasty traditional bread. Our cooking is rich in fruit and vegetables coming from ecological farms. Moreover, we prepare preserves every year. 

Our menu is a combination of traditional Polish cuisine and Mediterranean cuisine. We invite you to try juicy and aromatic grilled dishes  - our specialty is traditionally grilled fish. 

During feasts by the fire, there are always simple but great baked potatoes and sausages as well as Ukha - a traditional fish soup cooked in a cast-iron pot over the fire.

For breakfast, taste fresh scrambled eggs made of ostrich eggs.

Meals, depending on the weather and expectations, can be served in the barn by a huge fireplace, outside -by the bonfire, or in the shed with the barbecue grill.

Organic fruit and vegetables, genuine and natural flavors. A philosophy based on awareness, an interpretation enhanced by the archive of local aromas and colors brought to life in the all our dishes.